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Client: New Family Home

Brief: The client & family had just moved into this new home and wanted a garden that could be used throughout the year.

Client: New Owner

Brief: The new owner had put a lot into the renovations of her new house and wanted us to create a useable outdoor area to compliment the beautiful interior work done. We also created a new driveway & parking area for cars.

Client: Professional couple

Brief: Clients were looking for a useable garden. They wanted a landscape designed garden that would solve the issue of a steep sloped garden.

Client: Professional

Brief: Our client was looking for completely new landscaping design for their garden. They are a busy working couple that were looking for a garden that was easily maintained, lots of space for entertaining and maximum impact visually.

Client: Elderly Lady

Brief: Our client was looking for a very low maintenance garden that would look inviting all year around.

Client: Couple with young grandchildren

Brief: To create an area that was safe and useable for both adults to relax in and young children to play in. The existing area was un-usable and included very steep steps and a high wall that took up a lot of space between the car parking area and the lower level paved area. The garden design was originally created by Tim Austen Designs.

Client: Family with children

Brief: Clients were looking for a lawn area for children to play on at the front of the house and a landscaped back garden for entertaining. Landscape designer Tim Austen drew up a design for the back garden to meet the clients brief.

Client: Family of 6 with 4 teenage sons.

Brief: Clients were looking for a useable outdoor space that had areas for family entertaining as well as distinct separate areas for adults and teenagers. The garden design was created by Tim Austen, renowned landscape designer. Foxcover Tree & Landscape design undertook all aspects of construction.

Clients: Family of 4, with young children.

Brief: To clear diseased trees, that had become dangerous and to allow in more light. This property was on a steep slope and the clients were looking for a garden design that allowed for this and created useable areas for both the adults and children.

Clients: A couple with regular visits from their children and grandchildren.

Brief: The clients were looking for a fully landscaped garden that accommodates adult entertaining and space for their grandchildren to run around and play. The landscaping design was created by Tim Austen.

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