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We can offer ongoing garden maintenance or one-off type garden clean ups.

Whether you have a small garden or a large can come visit you to discuss your garden needs.

We pride ourselves in always offering the highest standard of care and maintenance for your garden ensuring it develops to its full potential.

Some of the garden maintenance services we offer are:


Lawns - Foxcover Tree Services

Roll Out Turf Lawns

Foxcover have years of experience in laying roll out turf lawns. We pay great attention to detail, making sure the prepared ground is level before laying your lawn.

Below are some of the garden construction services we offer, this list is not exhaustive and so please contact us if what you are looking for is not mentioned.


Paving/Patio - Foxcover Tree Services

Foxcover specialises in all areas of garden design & construction. We cater to your needs and garden design ideas, taking into account the size and type of garden you currently have or want to have. Whether you require a small garden re-vamp or large full garden re-design we can help!

A member of our team will visit your property for a garden design consultation to help give us an idea of your garden ideas.

Building Services - Foxcover Tree Services

Foxcover has now expanded into residential extensions & renovations.

Site Clearance - Foxcover Tree Services

Foxcover can carry out any size site clearance needs from large contracts to small private jobs. If you need a site cleared due to building works or just want a new start for your garden we are here to do it for you.

Wood Chipping - Foxcover Tree Services

We provide an onsite timber shredding service. This allows us to transform all timber into wood chips.

Foxcover have a range of wood chippers suitable for all clients - our smaller chipper is ideal for areas with restricted access and our larger wood chipper, for areas where access isn't a problem, allows us to shred large amounts of branches. Each client can decide it they would like us to use the mulch in their garden or have us remove it.

Tree Stump Removal - Foxcover Tree Services

Where tree felling has occurred, the remaining stumps can cause many problems including re- growth, tripping hazards or restricting of new planting.

We use specialist tree stump removal grinder, which grinds or mulches the stump from below ground level. We have a range of stump grinders depending on the type and size of the stump to be removed.

Hedge trimming is an important part of maintaining your garden, it manages the hedge and ensures that it grows as intended. Well maintained hedges not only adds to the aesthetics of your property but also acts as a natural privacy barrier and well as protecting your property from the elements. Regular trimming of your hedge will promote new and thicker growth and will improve the overall health and shape of your hedge.